Calling All Craft Addicts  
Author: Stayfit.Events Team
Published: Thu 18 Jul 2019
Keywords: Arts, Crafts, TV Programme, Studio Ramsay
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Gordon Ramsay’s TV production company ‘Studio Ramsay’ are making a fantastical craft series for a major UK broadcaster and on the hunt for the nation’s most fabulous crafters to take part.

Is that you?

Do you create?
Using any materials from welding, wood, metal, clay, paper, foam, crochet, knitting - absolutely anything you can think of.

Stayfit.Events, as part of A2Z.Events, are keen to support Studio Ramsay by introducing you to the programme.

If you want to take part, let them know-

If do do get selected to participate and need help from us in any manner, let us know.

Please remember that if you teach your art or craft, you are welcome to list on Stayfit.Events totally free of charge.  Let us introduce you to your next teacher or student.

Studio Ramsay’